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How many times have you browsed a top 100 only to be sent to MORE top 100s, crappy little sites that are NOTHING like they advertise and pop-up hells!? Well the Bloody Horror Top 100 is different! Each site is thoroughly checked out before it goes up to make certain that every site you click on will be relevant to the topic, have content and be browser friendly! So sit back, brew a tea, and enjoy the copious buckets of blood and evil dished out by the people here! Remember - this is all horror and fantasy, no one's really getting hurt, so just relax.

The Bloody Horror 100 has no control over the content of the sites listed and realize that a contributor could swap a site on us without our knowledge. We will always pull sites displaying child pornography but we need to know about it first! Realize that the sites listed are all BLOODY HORROR so don't be shocked by bloody, violent content!

You wanna join? Hey great! Simple rules: NO KIDS!, must have content, must be browser friendly, NO affiliate promo sites and Top 100s MUST be labeled as such, use common sense. Sites may be pulled at webmaster discretion (very rare).

Please check out and bookmark my blog: Templar's Sites for updates on my sites and to check the status of any server outages.


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There are no photos of real humans involved in explicit sexuality anywhere on this site.

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Rank Prev Title and Description In Out
1 1
The Internet's Sickest Sites
Best snuff, torture, humiliation, rape, BDSM. ALL FREE! NO AVS!
27 41
2 7 Crazy XXX 3D World
Over 100,000 cool 3D pics, movies and stories. Nothing is impossible in the 3D world - attacked by a vampiress, straight sex, horrifying BDSM, satanic snuff rituals, alien sex, necrophilia, transformation.
12 29
3 9 The Sick Top 100
The most vicious, violent bastards ever to put a site on the net! Brutal violence, torture and evil but bucketfull!
11 9
4 2
To Kill For =2k4=
Exclusive videos, full length movie download, rare video archive and many more. Massive 80GB collection of videos.
10 18
5 6
: Erotic Peril - Gourmet Girls Mag - Feet Meat :
Three great erotic peril sites all rolled into one!
10 29
6 3 Deadly Fun
Top 100: Snuff, death, morbid fun for everyone!
9 11
7 12
RueMorgue Entertainment
7 20
8 8
: :
Vore / Damsels in Distress Only Media Sharing without the Restrictions!
5 5
9 4 Bondanime!
Seriously extreme anime including tentacle rape, forced sex, bondage, torture, monster sex and some death.
4 7
10 21 Muki's Kitchen!!
AWESOME new cannibal/WE photoshoot site, VERY high quality productions. Muki's kitchen celebrates cannibalism as an erotic fantasy: good old-fashioned woman-eating, femme-feasting, girl-gobbling, fun!
4 3

11 11 Templar's Action Comix
Templar's bloody, action art of beautiful women getting shot or stabbed! Spies, amazons, biker chicks, security girls kill and die in bloody combat.
4 1
12 17 Breathless Passion!
Fantasy breath control including asphyxiation, hanging and choking! Exclusive galleries of 70-100 top quality 17
4 9
13 10 Depraved Top 100
A pile of sick and disgusting sites that will horrify you with their brutality!
4 7
14 24 Forbidden Top 100!!
Riddled with corpses, dark evil shit, nasty hentai, anything dark evil and death-stinky can be found here!
4 6
15 25 Prince's Horror Central
DownLoad Site for Death Scenes of Ladies in Cinema
4 7
16 14 >Darkside Videos<
The Darkest and Most Evil Movies on the Internet!
3 17
17 18 : DARK SEXY Fetish Vore Erotica :
If you like seeing the kind of vore where sexy young stockinged clad women are captured an eaten, then this is the place for you.
3 10
3 17
19 15 Water Bondage!!
Taking bondage loving women on a wet, sexy journey! Watch women hosed while suspended, dunked underwater, buried up to their necks in wet sand, tied up on the beach as the tide comes in, held in glass water cages! A wet, bondage lover's dream!! No Deaths.
3 5
20 36 Necro Story
Offers gruesome pictures of female corpses, necro fetish sex and vampires!
2 4
21 227 Daphne's Fetish Quest
Hot fetish clips from the hottest girls on the net
2 6
The best site for reviews of female death scenes from movies & television shows OVER 500 TITLES TO DATE!!!
2 2
23 16 Sexyamazons Galleries
Free galleries illustrated by dozens of artists of beautiful women fighting and dying! Mercenary chicks with guns, future babes with lasers, amazon hotties wielding swords!
2 97930
24 46 =Female Cannibals=
Beautiful Evil Women that Eat Men as Food!
2 5
25 20 Your Dark Fetish Yellowpages
Your gateway to the best in hardcore snuff/necro!
1 5
26 13 Asian Snuff Video Playground
Downloadable videos and photos of Asian girls play snuff
1 11
27 29 Dark Fetish Network
DarkFetishNet is the friendly social network for all people with "dark" fetishes, which has all of the usual features, like Albums, Blogs, Classifieds, Events, Groups, Music, Videos and so on.
1 6
28 22 Necro Fetish
Chilling necrophilia fantasy image stories, abduction, mummification fetish and necro love!
1 0
BIGGEST collection of Detective Magazines on the Web...No pop-ups, No Banners, No AVS, No crappy ad laden free server...Just pure viewing pleasure!....ENJOY!!
1 2
30 109 Bondage Bitches
Erotic hanging, crucified women and bitches in pain
1 3
31 23 PKF Studios
Here you will find high-quality Horror-Erotic movies for Adults!!!
1 1
32 27 =CnB Horror=
Over 75Gigs!! Videos and Photos of Hanging, Gutting, Cannibalism, Beheading, Shot with arrows, with Guns, Stabbed with Knives, and More!! Mature Adults Only Since 1998
1 9
33 32 Dolcett Enterprises Club X21
Cannibal, slave, torture and snuff fantasy web site. Online stories, entertainment and investment opportunities in a live
1 6

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